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When faced with a severe illness, there are many questions a person needs to find answers to: Is the diagnosis correct? Which is the best treatment and where can I get it? Will I be able to afford it? Make sure you have it with Treatment without borders Medical Insurance. Treatment without borders health insurance for a second medical opinion and treatment abroad offers you peace of mind that you will receive the best possible treatment!


  • Individual or family insurance, which is concluded by natural persons or legal entities
  • This insurance may be concluded also by legal entities (Employers) to the benefit of their employees
  • Access to the best world-renowned medical specialists for diagnosing and providing subsequent treatment in the best healthcare establishments
  • You ensure yourself peace of mind that your diagnosis is accurate
  • You gain certainty that the most efficient treatment will be chosen for you
Insured period Up to turning 85 years of age
Sum Insured

EUR 2 000 000 for the contract period

Age limits From the age of 0 up to 64 years
Insurance type Individual, family, group
Territorial coverage Worldwide, outside Bulgaria

Covered diseases


Coverage of costs, associated with medical procedures for:

Cancer treatment

Coronary artery bypass (myocardial revascularization)

Cardiac valve replacement or reconstruction

Intracranial surgery and specific surgery of the spinal cord

Live-donor organ transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation


Covered services, costs and financial compensations

The insurance covers the following services, costs and financial compensations: Services before receiving treatment abroad
Medical expenses during treatment abroad
Non-medical expenses during treatment abroad - repatriation expenses
Daily financial compensations during a hospital stay abroad
Expenses for medicines after returning from treatment abroad

Additional information

Insurance policy conclusion
  • For individual and family contracts Treatment without borders are concluded on the basis of a filled-in proposal, personal health declaration/s and contract issuance.
  • For groups up to 30 persons Treatment without borders are being concluded on the basis of a filled-in proposal, list of Insurees, personal health declarations and with the issuance of an insurance contract.
  • For groups of over 30 persons, it is admissible to conclude an insurance contract without providing personal health declarations.
Use of healthcare services

Should you be diagnosed with an unfavorable condition, call DZI. Our qualified physicians will consult you, open a file on your case and will explain to you the next steps.


It is determined as per the insurance applicant’s age.


Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. ID card

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