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Insurance and Investment Program  EuroHorizon 

Insurance and Investment Program EuroHorizon 

Start at 07.11. to 06.12.2022


  • Capital protection - repayment of the net value of the initial investment at maturity
  • Potential for capital gain
  • Structured fund – a fund with with fixed start and end date
  • The fund has a risk factor of 1 out of 7 and provides an investment opportunity both to clients with a highly conservative and to those with a dynamic risk profile.
  • Diversification of the investment - a basket of assets of a global selection of companies with high market capitalization
  • Insurance protection in case of loss of life in an accident
Contract period 6 years, 2 months and 12 days
Age limits From the age of 18 up to 69 years
Currency EUR
Insurance type Individual
Territorial coverage Bulgaria and abroad

Insurance coverage

Death due to accident The Insurer will pay the sum assured for the risk
Death due to accident and the value of the investment account
Death due to illness The Insurer will pay the value of the investment account


Information about the investment fund

The unit linked life insurance EuroHorizon provides an opportunity for investment in a conventional (traditional) investment fund, managed by KBC Asset Management:

Global Selection Timing 100-1

ISIN: BE6338220468

The investment fund aims to retain at least 100% of the initial net asset value at the end of the contract term by investing in various assets such as bonds and cash and paying potential profit by entering into swap contracts.

The fund's return is linked to the return of a basket of 30 shares of global selection of companies that are characterized by high market capitalization.

If a positive change in the value of the basket is achieved at the end of the contract period, a return equal to up to 60% of the positive change in value can be obtained. In case of a negative development of the value of the basket at the end of the contract term, the client receives no additional return, but retains 100% of his initial investment.

More information about the investment strategy of the fund is available in the fund prospectus and in the Key investor information at www.dzi.bg.