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Tourism in Bulgaria

Tourism in Bulgaria

Tourism in Bulgaria could be more than just a hobby - starting from the beautiful green mountain ranges and reaching the endless beach strands of golden sand. The beauty of the Bulgarian nature is undoubtedly one of a kind, however insurance also matters.


  • Flexibility upon choosing the sum insured
  • Policy conclusion option for both a fixed number of days, as well as a longer period of time
  • Upon conclusion of a group policy all children, aged up to 2 years will be insured free of charge
  • Both Bulgarian as well as foreign citizens can be insured.

Whom is this product intended for?

  • Tourism in Bulgaria is a voluntary insurance, intended fr natural persons and their families, as well as for groups of tourists
  • Insurees can be both Bulgarian, as well as foreign citizens, staying on Republic of Bulgaria’s territory for vacation or tourism purposes

Main coverage options

Medical expenses as a result of an accident or acute illness

Tourism in Bulgaria Insurance covers:

  • actually incurred medical expenses for rendering first aid
  • expenses for subsequent treatment with hospitalization at an in-patient healthcare establishment, resulting from accident or acute illness
  • urgent dental care
Expenses for investigation, rescue and transportation as a result of accident or acute illness Tourism in Bulgaria Insurance gives you peace of mind that the actually incurred expenses for investigation, rescue and transportation will be covered by DZI


Disclaimer: DZI General Insurance JSC will reimburse on the Insuree’s behalf and with priority expenses for rendered aid by the Mountain Rescue Service with the Bulgarian Red Cross.

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. Identity Document

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