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Comfort for Home

Comfort for Home

Insuring your home is your responsibility. Have comfort with Comfort for Home Insurance. A wide range of risks covered to secure a reliable protection of your apartment, house and/or household property.


  • With every insurance policy you receive On-line Security coverage which provides you with assistance and legal protection in case of:
    • identity theft
    • a dispute, related to on-line booking of a hotel, airline tickets or automobile
    • a dispute with an on-line retailer and a reputational damage on the Internet
  • Upon partial damage to the insured property with pre-defined damage amount of up to BGN 1000 and under certain conditions, you may use the simplified procedure for claim settlement - Fast Track - which does not require inspection of the damaged property
Intended for: Owners, tenants or home users
Insured period: 1 year

Main Coverage Options

To make things easier for you, we have designed four packages with covered risks, which are most suitable for insuring various groups of property. Choose the one that meets your needs to the fullest extent.





Peace of mind

Full coverage

Fire, thunderbolt, explosion or implosion, collision with or fall of a manned aircraft, its parts or cargo
On-line security V V V V
Natural disasters (storm, hail, torrential rain, flood, weight due to natural accumulation of snow or ice, frostbite and freezing) V V  V V
Water and steam leakage V V V V
Malicious acts by third persons, vandalism   V V V
Short-circuit and/or electric shock     V V
Landslides or earthfall and/or groundwater action       V
Collision with a motor vehicle       V



Bonus Coverage Options:


Expenses for temporary accommodation
Other costs, needed for damage containment and related to the occurred insured event
Costs for eliminating damage, resulting from burglary or intended such
Costs for replacement of entrance door locks, in case of a stolen/ lost key

Additional Coverage Options

To the chosen package you may add the following additional coverage options:
  • Earthquake
  • Glass breakage
  • Burglary, robbery and theft via technical means
  • Third Party Liability
  • Accident - the coverage encompasses all household members, residing at the address of the insured property
SOS for Home
  • 24/7 assistance by a qualified technician or reimbursement of costs in emergency situations, such as power outage, glass breakage, lock malfunction or broken key, bare pipe leakage, and other risks


Additional information

How much will the insurance cost?

The insurance premium is determined depending on:

  • type/s of property
  • negotiated sum insured (determined by you)
  • the town/village/place where the insured property is located
  • the chosen combination or package of risks covered

You may refer to a DZI representative, who will assist you in defining the sum insured, as well as will offer you the best insurance-related conditions.

Where can you conclude an insurance policy? Buy online here. At DZI offices, as well as with our professional partners (agents and brokers)
Insurance premium payment An option to pay in installments, as each consecutive installment may be easily and quickly paid online


Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. A filled-in and signed Proposal-Questionnaire, accompanied with a Client Needs Analysis

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