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Good Health

You want to receive high-quality medical care upon an occurred problem with your health? Make sure you have it with Good Health Medical Insurance. With the individual health insurance you ensure yourself assistance and timely medical care in case of an accident or illness.


  • Individual or family health insurance that is concluded by natural persons
  • This insurance may be concluded also by Employers to the benefit of their employees with an additional option to add employees’ family members
  • A service with an excellent coverage, ensuring:
    - Access to the best experts in the field of medicine for diagnosing and conducting subsequent treatment
    - Access to the best healthcare establishments
  • A fixed amount for hospital stay - such an amount is paid out to the Insuree after hospital stay
  • An opportunity to choose the best suited insurance package
  • DZI vouchers guaranteeing free online consultations with a doctor through the platform Healee
Age limits Up to the age of 64 years
Insurance type Individual, family, for groups of up to 30 persons
Territorial coverage Bulgaria

Main coverage options

Disease Prevention Package

Includes preventive examinations and tests, which are conducted after insurance policy conclusion

Outpatient care

Includes 10 primary and follow-up examinations by a selected medical specialist and associated tests

Inpatient care

Fixed amounts are paid out for illnesses and accidents, occurred within the contract period and involving hospital stay



Insurance Package Options

  "Prestige" Package "Comfort" Package "Basic" Package "Family" Package
Outpatient care 3 000 BGN 2 000 BGN 1 000 BGN 2 000 BGN
Inpatient care 10 000 BGN 5 000 BGN 3 000 BGN 5 000 BGN


Additional information

Insurance policy conclusion
  • Good Health individual and family contracts are being concluded on the basis of a filled-in proposal, personal healthdeclaration/s and issuance of a contract.
  • Good Health group contracts are being concluded on the basis of a filled-in proposal, list of Insurees, personal health declarations and with the issuance of an insurance contract.
Use of healthcare services

Disease Prevention and Outpatient Medical Care Package is being used on a subscription basis - Insurees do not pay for the services used at particularly determined by DZI healthcare establishments from its partner network. Insurees should provide the coordinating physician with a valid individual Health Card.

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. ID card

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