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Railway Vehicles Insurance

Railway Vehicles Insurance

You have railway vehicles (RWV) and you want to have them indemnified in case a total loss or partial damage occurs? The product of DZI General Insurance JSC provides insurance protection against a wide range of risks so that you can feel secure and comfortable about your rolling stock.


A voluntary insurance, intended for companies owning railway vehicles (RWV) with their own engine and the devices attached to them, property of Bulgarian legal entities, such as:

  • Rolling stock (RS)
  • Traction stock (locomotives, motor-coach trains)
  • Non-traction stock /wagons/
  • Specialized rolling stock /tractors, draisines, railway track laying machines, catenary repair machines, repair cranes, etc./
  • Metro rolling stock
  • Tramway trains /railcars/
Contract period: 1 year or another explicitly negotiated term
Territorial coverage: Bulgaria


Main Coverage Options

DZI - General Insurance JSC provides insurance coverage upon total or partial loss due to the following risks:


  • Fire
  • Eexplosion
  • Flood
  • Volcano activity
  • Landslides or earthfall
  • Storm, torrential rain, thunderbolt, hail
  • Weight due to natural accumulation of snow or ice, fall of ice blocks or snow masses
  • Incidental fall of objects, trees, branches as a result of the above mentioned natural disasters

Collision with another train or static objects


Malicious acts of third persons

The following are also covered:


Eligible costs of the Insuree for salvaging, reducing and/or containing the extent of damage on RWV as a result of an insured event, regardless of whether the expected outcome has been achieved or not.

Eligibility and amount of covered costs are to be proven by the Insuree.


Additional Coverage Options

The insurance coverage may be expanded and DZI offers additional coverage for:


Damage, caused by an earthquake
Damage, caused by a thunderbolt, an avalanche, a hurricane
Other specific risks


Additional information

How much will the insurance cost? The insurance premium is determined depending on the age, type and value of the insured RWV, the chosen main and additional coverage options and deductible.
Where can you conclude an insurance policy? At DZI offices, as well as with our professional partners (agents and brokers).

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. To conclude an insurance policy, you need to present: a filled-in Proposal-Questionnaire, a copy of Commercial invoice or a statement of accounts, a list of RWVs

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