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By making an insurance with us you ensure yourself assistance and timely medical help in case of accident or acute illness, as well as compensation upon occurred unforeseen circumstances during your stay abroad.


  • A vast range of covered risks, included in the scope of the main coverage under the insurance policy.
  • Possibility for adding many additional coverage options, based on your individual needs.
  • 24/7 ensured assistance – rendering of immediate assistance and cooperation upon occurrence of an insured event. 
  • This insurance covers routine sporting activities upon observance of the precautionary measures, envisaged for that. Sporting competitions, as well as organized and mass sporting initiatives are excluded from the coverage.
Insured period:

From 1 day up to 1 year upon a planned single travel

1 year with maximum stay of 31, 62 or 92 days upon every single travel, upon frequent travel abroad.

Sums insured /limits, amounting to: From EUR 5000 up to EUR 50 000 for main coverage – medical expenses
Territorial coverage: Worldwide, excluding the USA and Canada


This insurance is being offered as two alternatives:

  • for multiple travels within 12 consecutive months
  • for single travels of various duration

Main coverage options

Medical care Outpatient/inpatient treatment, including transportation to a medical facility
Urgent dental treatment  
Repatriation To a hospital in Bulgaria
Visit of a relative or a close one In case of a long-term hospitalization abroad arrangements are being made and expenses are being covered for the travel of a relative or a close one to your whereabouts
Repatriation or accommodation of a minor at a hotel In case of a hospitalization and hospital stay, continuing after the planned return to Bulgaria and if you are accompanied by a minor family member (a child aged below 18 years), arrangements are being made for his/her accommodation at a hotel and/or return to Bulgaria
Investigation and rescue  Coverage includes expenses for investigation and rescue by local specialized services, in case of need
Daily allowances for hospital stay due to accident or acute illness  

Additional Coverage Options

Additional coverage options for accident-related events
  • Payment of indemnity in case of death due to accident, occurred during the stay abroad
  • Payment of an amount upon permanent disability as a result of an accident
Other additional coverage options
  • Legal assistance
  • Third Party Liability
  • Damage, theft or loss of personal documents
  • Luggage delay, loss or inquiry
  • Flight delay


Additional information

Where can you conclude the insurance policy? Buy online here. At DZI offices, as well as with our professional partners (agents and brokers)
How much will the insurance cost? The premium is being determined based on the chosen liability limits, the selected additional coverage options, the period and aim of travel, as well as the Insuree’s age and the insurance territorial validity

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. Identity Document

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