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 Casco+  Motor Insurance

Casco+ Motor Insurance

A car is a serious investment. If you want good protection for your car, including road assistance services in Bulgaria and upon travel abroad, choose our Casco+ insurance.


  • Online submission of claim notification and checking a claim status
  • Online payment of a subsequent installment
  • Option to choose a coverage level, depending on your particular needs
  • Option to choose how to eliminate damage on your vehicle in case of an event
  • Without viewing the vehicle upon renewal of an insurance with DZI
  • For passenger and freight vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and with up to 9 seats each concluded policy will also bring you:
    - a coupon for Annual Roadworthiness Check at a preferential price with the service centres of the Union of Bulgarian Motorists
    - up to 300 km free-of-charge road assistance for the territory of Bulgaria; - additional free-of-charge assistance services upon an insured event on the territory of Bulgaria and upon a road accident abroad.
Contract period: 1 year
Territorial coverage:  Bulgaria and abroad


Voluntary insurance, intended for owners and users of motor vehicles with Bulgarian registration plate numbers

  • passenger cars and freight vehicles
  • luggage and camping trailers
  • freight trailers and semitrailers
  • buses
  • agricultural and forestry equipment
  • construction and road construction machinery
  • specialized vehicles
  • motorcycles

Main coverage options

  • Natural disasters (storm, hailstorm, flood etc.)
  • Fire and explosion due to technical malfunction or natural disasters
  • Road traffic accidents (RTA) including damage on the insured motor vehicle, while parked, caused by another vehicle
  • Accidental fall of aircrafts or other objects on a motor vehicle
  • Malicious acts of third parties
  • Theft of whole motor vehicle
  • Robbery of whole motor vehicle
  • Includes the risks, covered under Full Casco clause, upon occurrence of total vehicle loss
FULL CASCO CLAUSE Includes the risks, covered under Super clause, Theft and Robbery of Whole Vehicle clause, as well as:
  • Intentional arson or explosion of a motor vehicle
  • Theft through burglary of insured stationary mounted multimedia equipment in a motor vehicle


Additional Coverage Options

You can top up Super clause and Full Casco clause by choosing some of the following additional coverage options:

OFFICIAL SERVICE CENTRE special arrangement (under certain conditions) What is covered are repair expenses for partial damage to vehicles, in a service center of an official representative of the respective motor vehicle make
TRUSTED SERVICE CENTRE special arrangement (under certain conditions) Covered expenses are those for repair of partial damage at a service center, pre-agreed with DZI
REPAIR ABROAD special arrangement What is covered are expenses for repair of partial damage on the motor vehicle, performed on the territory of the country, where the event occurred

This coverage is being provided against an additionally paid premium for freight vehicles with Bulgarian registration plate numbers of total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes, road tractors, trailers or semi-trailers, buses with more than 9 seats, intended for transportation of passengers.

The territorial coverage includes all EU member states and the countries, signatories to the Green Card International Arrangement, with the exception of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Additional information

How is the insurance premium being determined? The premium is being determined based on the vehicle age and type, the agreed Sum Insured and the selected coverage.
Manner of payment? The insurance premium can be paid one-off or can be deferred into 2, 3 or 4 installments.
You can pay the premium in cash or via a bank transfer, subsequent due installments can also be paid online.
Where can you conclude an insurance policy? At DZI offices, as well as with our professional partners (agents and brokers).

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. Vehicle ownership documents (Vehicle Registration Certificate, invoice, purchase-sale agreement and others)
  2. Policyholder’s ID document
  3. Filled out insurance proposal as per a sample form of DZI

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