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Animals, Poultry and Beehives Insurance

Animals, Poultry and Beehives Insurance

If you activity is related to breeding animals, poultry and beehives, learn how to ensure yourself protection and peace of mind in case of adverse events, leading to animals’ illness and death.


  • A broad range of insurance coverage options against loss upon death or destruction of animals, poultry, fish and beehives
  • Flexible negotiation of the insurance premium depending on the selected risks and coverage options


The provided insurance coverage is upon death or casualty slaughter (killing) as a result of:

  • fire
  • natural disasters
  • accidents
  • contagious, non-contagious and parasitic diseases

The insurance coverage depends on the specific type of animals and the way they are raised.

Main coverage options

The insurance covers damage upon death or casualty slaughter (killing), resulting from the following risks:

Fire Provided that the animal breeding sites comply with the fire safety requirements
Natural disasters
  • hail
  • storm
  • hurricane
  • torrential rain
  • flood
  • landslide and earthfall
  • thunderbolt
  • scorching due to an explosion
  • wild animal attack
  • electrical current action
  • road accident
  • bone fracture and fall into an abyss in mountainous and semi-mountainous pastures
Contagious diseases Specific infectious diseases according to animal species
Non-contagious diseases

Non-contagious, parasitic and other diseases (excluding calves and lambs up to six months, pigs up to 40 kg live weight, birds, and bee colonies)

Casualty slaughter (killing) provided only in addition to coverages for fire, natural disasters, accident and non-contagious diseases


Additional information

How is the insurance premium being determined? Insurance premium is being determined for a period not longer than one year and is dependent on the sum insured, selected degree of insurance coverage and the animal, poultry and beehive insurance tariff in force.
How is the sum insured being formed?

The sum insured is being negotiated up to the actual value of the insured objects, as the invoiced value of purchased animals may also serve as basis for the determination of the sum insured.

The sum insured for beehives is determined by the values of a beehive, honey, wax and swarm.

Where can you conclude an insurance policy? At DZI offices, as well as with our professional partners (agents and brokers)
Premium payment? An option to pay in installments, as each consecutive installment may be easily and quickly paid online

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. A filled-in and signed Proposal-Questionnaire, accompanied with a Client Needs Analysis