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As Employer, you are constantly faced with the issue of not only retaining, but also attracting new qualified staff. Nowadays, ensuring competitive pay, a nice office and a parking space is hardly sufficient to retain a good team. In the hectic everyday routine, your employees need certainty and peace of mind - mostly for their health and life. A group health insurance is a perfect option to build on the social package.


  • A group health insurance, concluded by legal entities (Employers) to the benefit of employees with an option to add employees’ family members
  • Priority access with an individual Health Card to over 250 specialized healthcare establishments and medical centers in Bulgaria
  • Reimbursement of treatment expenses, incurred at any healthcare establishment in Bulgaria
  • An opportunity for flexible choice of insurance coverage options, offered in a standard or in a luxury package
  • DZI vouchers guaranteeing free online consultations with a doctor through the platform Healee
  • Option to directly book an appointment for an examination with over 1,000 doctors from over 40 specialties working with DZI through the platform SuperDoc.bg
Insured period 1 year
Sum Insured From BGN 2000 up to BGN 25 000
Age limits From the age of 1 up to 70 years
Insurance type Group insurance, over 10 persons
Territorial coverage Across Bulgaria


Main coverage options

Inpatient care Includes diagnostics and treatment in clinics and hospital wards
Outpatient care Includes primary and follow-up examinations and tests by a selected medical specialist in outpatient settings


Additional Coverage Options

Disease Prevention Provides for early detection of an illness and its timely treatment
Dental care Covers examinations and tests related to dental disease
Medicines Expenses for purchased medicines for home treatment are reimbursed
Reimbursement of expenses for sanatorium treatment Reimbursement of re-treatment costs after hospital stay in specialized hospitals for rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment
"Extra Care" Package

Reimbursement of expenses for:

  • Nursing and health care services for acute illness or surgery
  • Manipulations at home after a hospital stay associated with an acute illness or surgery
  • Accompanee during a hospital stay
Telemedicine / Second medical opinion

Covers confirmation or modification of an initial diagnosis and treatment recommendations made by physicians in US hospitals. 24 life-threatening medical conditions are covered.


Additional information

Insurance policy conclusion
  • Group contracts for medical insurance are concluded on the basis of a filled-in proposal, a list of Insurees and personal health declarations and with the issuance of an insurance contract
  • For groups of over 30 persons, it is admissible to conclude an insurance contract without providing personal health declarations
Use of healthcare services
  • On a subscription principle - without the Insurees’ paying for the services used in the partner network of healthcare establishments. The Insurees provide the coordinating physician with a valid individual Health Card
  • On a cost reimbursement principle - upon use of services at a freely chosen medical care provider


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