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Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

You are a producer of valuable agricultural produce? Agriculture is the sector, most affected by the meteorological and climatic conditions. You can provide yourself with a reliable protection by insuring the harvest of crops you cultivate in case of damage and loss sustained as a result of adverse events of nature.


A broad range of insurance coverage options against damage on harvest as a result of occurred insured events, such as:

  • hail, storm, torrential rain
  • fire
  • frost
  • flood
  • sleet
  • freezing, stretching and frosting of autumn crops
  • suffocation

Whom is this product intended for?

This insurance is intended for farmers and agricultural producers and covers loss of harvest from sown and planted crops, such as:

  • Cereal, oilseed and other industrial crops
  • Orchards, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
  • Arable and vegetable crops
  • Vineyards
  • Other crops, cultivated for production purposes
  • Crops in heated hot-houses and greenhouses
  • Other crops, cultivated for production purposes

Main coverage options


Coverage includes quantitative damage, resulting from the direct effect of the impact of hail grains, expressed in breakage, laceration, shedding, injuring and damage to plants and fruits


(a strong wind at a speed of over 15 m/sec)

Coverage includes quantitative damage (uprooting, breakage, laceration, tearing-off or shedding), as well as the direct effect of sand and other particles, borne by the wind, blowing-off and covering (burying) of plants and fruits and freezing of the harvest in glass-covered hot-houses and heated greenhouses due to the influx of cold air in case of broken glass

Torrential rain

(intensive precipitation in large quantities for a short period of time, with a sudden beginning and end)

Coverage includes quantitative damage from the direct effect of raindrops, as well as those, resulting from unearthing, pulling out, covering up and siltation by flowing water masses
Fire In addition to direct quantitative damage from burn-down (scorching and charring), smoking and soiling, additionally covered damage is also that, caused by the measures, taken to localize and extinguish the fire – trampling down, shedding and destruction of plants and fruits
Frost Coverage includes quantitative damage from freezing, caused by late spring frost that occur after 00:00 AM on 20 April or early autumn frost, occurring before 24:00 PM on 10 October.

Indemnity will be provided for quantitative damage, resulting from:

  • direct impact of water masses and carried-in solid particles, which involves unearthing, pulling out, siltation and swamping of plants and fruits
  • continuous waterlogging on the soil
  • damage, cased to plants and fruits, resulting from measures taken to contain flood spreading
Sleet Indemnity will be provided for quantitative damages, resulting from continuous waterlogging, which causes plant collapse or harm due to oxygen insufficiency or absence and intensive depletion of nutrients necessary to sustain plants’ life in anaerobic conditions
Freezing, stretching, suffocation of autumn cereal crops

Indemnity will be provided for quantitative damage, resulting from:

  • plant damage or collapse by the action of low temperatures in case of freezing
  • driving out the underground part of plants towards soil surface causing root or plant rupture upon stretching-out
  • continuously keeping of thick snow cover or hanging icy crust on top of damp unfrozen soil, which results in plant damage or collapse due to exhaustion - suffocation


Additional information

How is the insurance premium being determined?

The insurance premium is determined for a period not exceeding one year, depending on:

  • crop type and sum insured per decare
  • cultivated area size
  • risk class of the region where the crop is being cultivated
  • selected risks
How is the sum insured being formed?

The sum insured is agreed between the parties in accordance with the market conditions and the production capacity of the area, where the crop is grown.

The sum insured per decare must correspond to the anticipated income from the crop and cannot exceed the actual value of the harvest.

Where can you conclude an insurance policy? At DZI offices, as well as with our professional partners (agents and brokers)
Premium payment? An option to pay in installments, as each consecutive installment may be easily and quickly paid online



  1. A filled-in and signed Proposal-Questionnaire, accompanied with a Client Needs Analysis

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