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Mandatory  Accident  Insurance for public transport passengers

Mandatory Accident Insurance for public transport passengers

We know that, being licensed carriers, you should comply with series of requirements. Trust in DZI for the conclusion of a mandatory Accident insurance for public transport passengers and rest assured that someone will take care of your clients’ safety and peace of mind.

Brief Description

  • High sum insured – BGN 50 000 per insured seat
  • Possibility to insure passengers of various vehicles  
  • Option to select an insurance programme, tailored to clients’ needs – payment of the insurance premium based on number of passenger seats or as a percentage of the generated income

Whom is this product intended for?

Subject of insurance are natural persons, passengers in public transport vehicles.

Mandatory Accident insurance is being concluded and maintained by carriers, rendering public transport services of passengers with start and end points of travel on the Republic of Bulgaria’s territory, using:

  • Railway vehicles
  • Тrolleybuses and buses
  • Аircrafts
  • Аll types of vessels
  • Cable lines and ski tows
  • Taxi vehicles

Main and Additional Coverage Options

Death of the Insuree due to an accident The sum insured will be paid out to the legal heirs.
Disability due to an accident The Insuree will be paid out a percentage of the sum insured, equaling the percentage of permanent disability, as determined by the Insurance Medical Committee with. „DZI – General Insurance ” JSC, or by a Disability Assessment Committee/ National Disability Assessment Committee.

Insurance Conclusion

Mandatory Accident insurance of public transport passengers is being concluded by virtue of an Ordinance for mandatory insurance by virtue of Art. 504 of the Insurance Code and the methodology for settling indemnity claims for damage, inflicted on motor vehicles and Ordinance № 42 dated 2010 for the establishment of a Uniform Infosystem for Risk Assessment, Management and Control (EISOUKR), incl. for issuance of policies under the mandatory insurances as per the Insurance Code.

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