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Zakrila Insurance represents an individual accident insurance, fully tailored to your financial preferences. With Zakrila Insurance you receive not only additional financial support in case of an accident but also full protection even in case of a "minor" incident.


  • Indemnities for minor accidents - broken bones and burns
  • Peace of mind and protection from accident-related consequences
  • An easy and fast choice of insurance protection level
  • Included 8 covered risks for full comfort
Insured period Not bound by time, up to turning 70 years of age
Sum Insured Depending on the chosen level of protection
Age limits From the age of 16 up to 69 years
Insurance type Individual
Territorial coverage Bulgaria and abroad


Coverage Options





Death due to an accident 20 000 30 000 50 000
Death due to a road accident 30 000 50 000 75 000
Disability of over 50% due to an accident 20 000 30 000  50 000
Disability of over 50% due to a road accidentП 30 000 50 000 75 000
Temporary disability as a result of an accident % от 2 000 % от 5 000 % от 10 000
Broken bones and burns % от 8 000 % от 10 000 % от 20 000
Sums for surgical treatment of organs and systems due to an accident % от 1 000 % от 3 000 % от 10 000
Daily financial compensations during a hospital stay due to an accident 10 30 100
Monthly premium 10 15 30

*All sums above are in BGN

Additional information

When and how should we pay?

  • The insurance policy price is paid one-off or in deferred installments
  • The Insurance premium can be paid in cash or via a bank transfer; the consecutive installments due (in case of a deferred payment) can also be paid online
  • For policies, not bound by time, the premium is being determined and payment is due for each and every insured period

Needed documents for policy conclusion

  1. ID card

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