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Professional Liability

Professional Liability

You are an attorney at law, a notary public, an auditor, a physician, a trustee in a bankruptcy, an insurance agent or a broker? Protect your activity with a Professional Liability Insurance from DZI.


  • DZI provides you with a reliable protection from damage, caused by you upon or in line with the exercising of your professional activity.
  • What is covered is your liability to third persons for caused material and/or non-material damage and/or loss of profit, as a direct and immediate consequence of an insured event, including litigation costs for ascertainment of your liability, as a result from exercising your professional activity.
  • Additional coverage may be provided also for legal defense costs, as well as for a legally eligible specific professional risk.
  • The insurance policy may be concluded upon liability limits, complying with the legally required minimum, or at voluntarily chosen higher liability limits.


We insure the following professions:

  • Attorneys-at-law
  • Notaries
  • Certified auditors
  • Medical practitioners
  • Trustees in bankruptcy
  • Insurance agents and/or brokers

Main Coverage Options

Attorneys’ Professional Liability Clause

Subject of insurance is the liability of an attorney-at-law/junior attorney-at-law, for damage inflicted on his/her client as a result of:

  • provision of oral or written consultations and opinions on legal issues
  • drafting of any papers - claims, pleas, applications and others upon assignment by clients
  • пrepresentation of principals and defendants, and protection of their rights and legal interests before judicial authorities, administrative bodies and services as well as before natural persons and legal entities
Notary’s Professional Liability Clause Subject of insurance is the liability of a notary public for damage, inflicted on third persons as a result of culpable non-performance of the notary’s professional obligations, as well as the obligations of the assistant-notary, intern-notary and/or notary office employees upon execution of their activity as instructed by the notary public.
Certified Auditors’ Professional Liability Clause Subject of insurance is the liability for damage, occurred as a result of culpable non-performance of certified auditors’ obligations (auditing or not Public Interest Entities), including such due to negligence, error or omission while conducting a mandatory financial audit and audit-associated services.
Insurance Intermediaries’ Professional Liability Clause

Subject of insurance is the liability of the insurance intermediary (agent or broker) for damage, caused by commission or omission of any person, authorized to manage or represent an insurance intermediary, member of its management or control body or its employee upon or on the occasion of performing insurance or reinsurance intermediation.

  • Territorial validity – the European Union and the European Economic Area.
„Medical Practitioners’ Professional Liability Clause“ Subject of insurance are natural persons - medical practitioners at a healthcare establishment - for culpable infliction by them of material and non-material damage to third persons, as a result of their exercising the medical profession at or on behalf of the healthcare establishment. Persons, practicing the medical profession at healthcare establishments for inpatient and outpatient care should have a university degree certificate (Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree) with major being Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Healthcare.
„Bankruptcy Trustee’s Professional Liability Clause“ Subject of the insurance is indemnification for damage, inflicted by the trustee in bankruptcy on the debtor and/or on the creditors under a particular bankruptcy proceedings due to culpable non-performance of his/her obligations as a trustee in bankruptcy under the Code on Commerce.
"Design and construction Participants' Professional Liability Clause"

The insurance is concluded by persons who exercise one or more of the following activities:

  • Designer for preparation of investment projects
  • Builder for the complete execution of the construction or the separate types of construction and assembly works
  • Consultant for assessment of the compliance of investment projects
  • Person exercising construction supervision
  • Person exercising technical control under the "Constructive" part

Additional Info

Liability Limit Options Liability limits are in accordance with the regulatory requirements for a particular insurance type.
How much will the insurance cost ? The premium is determined depending on the profession, liability limits, insurance policy period, professional experience and other criteria, contingent on the specific activity, subject of insurance.
Where can you conclude an insurance policy? At DZI offices or with our professional partners (agents and brokers).

Needed documents for policy conclusion:

  1. A filled-in and signed Proposal-Questionnaire.