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Upon a claim under  General Civil Liability  Insurance

Upon a claim under General Civil Liability Insurance

Submit your claim request and the insurance company will contact you for assistance

Claim Notification

You can file a claim request:

Online Claim Notification

Submit here

By visiting the nearest office.

By sending the notification to the following address:

1, Konstantin Preslavski Str., Sofia city

Instructions upon an occurred insured event

  1. You should notify the Insurer in writing within 7 working days of becoming aware of circumstances that might trigger liability to a third person
  2. You should notify the Insurer in writing within 7 working days of becoming aware of claims, filed against you and provide the Insurer with an exhaustive and accurate information regarding: the claimant, the circumstances, serving as grounds for the claim and the claimed indemnity amount, as well as all case-relevant written documents at your disposal. Should the claim be filed through a court procedure you should notify the Insurer within the same period about the case number, the date of hearing and the court, before which the claim has been brought or provide a copy of the Statement of Claim, together with its accompanying documents.
  3. You should take all necessary measures to reduce and/or contain the damage and should immediately notify the competent authorities and services
  4. You should notify the Insurer in writing within 7 working days of becoming aware about the occurred insured event by filling in a notification as per the Insurer’s template and providing information about the nature of the event and the reasons of its occurrence, the type and approximate amount of damage caused, the number of injured persons
  5. You should allow access for having an inspection performed
  6. You should provide the documents required by the Insurer, directly related to establishing the event and the amount of damage
  7. You should not take any actions which may alter the facts or may lead to increasing the amount of damage. You should keep unaltered the condition of materials and documents, directly related to, or representing evidence of the events that have triggered the liability, covered under the terms and conditions of the insurance contract

Needed Documents

  1. Insurance Policy
  2. Claim Notification Form
  3. Written Claim Request to the Insuree or the Insurer
  4. A document, certifying the insured event and the circumstances around its occurrence (Statement of Findings, Police Report, medical document, etc.)
  5. A document certifying the sustained damage, its amount and the causal link to the event (invoices, decision of the Disability Assessment Committee, etc.)
  6. A document identifying the claimant as a user of an insurance service (a labor contract, an ownership document, a construction contract, etc.)
  7. An ownership document for the damaged property
  8. A contract for performing an activity
  9. Explanations in writing from the person, involved in the event
  10. A certificate for a bank account in the claimant’s name