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Upon a claim under  Agricultural Crops, Perennial & Forest Plantations Insurance

Upon a claim under Agricultural Crops, Perennial & Forest Plantations Insurance

Submit your claim request and the insurance company will contact you for assistance

Claim Notification

You can file a claim request via:

Via the Contact Center - by calling:

0700 16 166

Online Claim Notification

Submit here

By visiting the nearest office:

Find a DZI office

Within 5 (five) working days after becoming aware

Claim Instructions

  1. Provide the INSURER with an inventory of damaged crops by land blocks (localities, identifier - block number in the agricultural holding) and areas, by identifying separately the partially or completely destroyed crops in initial development stage and subject to re-seeding (re-planting), as well as crops, which harvesting is forthcoming
  2. Provide full and accurate data about your bank account, to which payments on the part of the Insurer should be made, unless you claim in-kind damage recovery
  3. Take all necessary measures to preserve the damaged crops, reduce the extent of damage and utilize the produce in a timely manner
  4. Take no actions of ploughing and re-seeding (re-planting) or harvesting the damaged crops before the INSURER has assessed the damage or has consented to leaving certain land parcels as representative sample
  5. Allow access of the INSURER to the damaged property for the purpose of conducting an inspection
  6. Present to the INSURER in writing any requested information, data, documents and other evidence, directly related to the ascertainment of the event and the amount of the damage

Needed Documents

  1. Insurance policy - a copy
  2. Certificate of a valid bank account of the person, entitled to receive the insurance indemnity
  3. Ortophotomaps of affected land blocks
  4. Claim Notification

Other specific documents

Upon fire:

  1. A certificate of the respective Regional Fire Safety and Population Protection Service (RFSPPS)
  2. A document from the Police - in case the site has been visited by the competent authorities
  3. The final act of a conducted pre-litigation procedure - if the case has been investigated

Upon a thunderbolt strike:

Upon a storm, tornado and torrential rain: