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A cyclist from Italy has won the first stage of the Cycling Tour of Bulgaria

02 юли 2021

On 01.07.2021 Kosta Cholakov, MB Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DZI, announced the start of the 68-th International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria. The first stage of the tour, involving 145 contestants started at 12:15 AM from the National Assembly Square in Sofia city. 

The premium sprinting races were in Samokov and Pazadzhik towns. The stage also involved a premium for 3-rd category climbers in Borovets resort.

The Hungarian Balazs ROZSA put on the white red-dotted jersey for best climber and the green jersey for activity, which was presented to him by Ivan Ganchev, Executive Director Finance and Rik at DZI.

Winner at this stage is the Italian Giovanni Lonardi, who is also leader in the interim ranking.

The second stage of the race will start at 02:00 PM ч. in front of the entrance of the International Fair in Plovdiv. Contestants will travel 113 km, going through the first difficult climbing for the tour – Beklemeto pass. The finish point in front of Troyan Municipality building is anticipated to be reached at around 04.50 PM on 02 July 2021.

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