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Permanent disability due to an accident (including occupational accident)

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Needed Documents

  1. Claim Request Form Л3-53 - an original with all particulars
  2. Accident Information Form ЛЗ 51 – an original
  3. Medical documents, evidencing rendered first aid and treatment conducted:
    - discharge summaries,
    - outpatient cards for examinations,
    - test results,
    - consultations with physicians-specialists in the field of injuries, sustained by the Insuree prior to his/her being certified by the Insurance Medical Committee etc.
  4. All medical documents, stated above - copies
  5. Upon a road accident*: A Document from the control authorities that have visited the accident scene - a copy
  6. Upon a road accident*: A document for a taken blood sample for alcohol testing and its results, if the injured person is a vehicle driver - a copy
  7. An official document, containing the Insuree’s bank account, if it has not been indicated in Form ЛЗ 53 - a copy. For sums over BGN 10,000, the submission of an official document certifying the IBAN number of a bank account is mandatory.
  8. Upon individual insurance:
    • Insurance Policy
  9. Upon group insurance:
    - Company Certificate from the Employer that the person is insured - an original
  10. Upon group insurance at the Insurees’ expense:
    - A copy of the insurance policy and a list of Insurees’ names
  11. Upon an accident at work the following additional documents are required:
    - Declaration Statement to the National Social Security Institute about an accident at work
    - NSSI order about an acknowledged accident at work

    In case the sums will not be received by the eligible person:

    Notarized power of attorney from the entitled person, if the sums will be received by another person. The power of attorney must contain a statement (text) that the eligible person has been notified that he is entitled to receive the sums in person.