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+359 700 16 166

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Health care
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Offices and centers

Damage help

In case of health problem

Upon an occurred event under

Upon an occurred event under "Unemployment" Insurance

Submit your claim request and the insurance company will contact you for assistance

Claim Notification

You can file a claim request:

Required Documents

  1. Claim notification
  2. Insuree’s declaration statement that he/she has lost his/her job and does not work anywhere
  3. A copy of the labor contract, respectively, the management contract with all annexes thereto, certified as true to the original
  4. A copy of the act, terminating the employment relationship or the management contract
  5. A copy of the act, issued by the competent authority for a person’s registration as unemployed
  6. A copy of the act, issued by the competent authority, according to which the person is being granted or declined unemployment benefits for a certain period of time
  7. An insurance certificate
  8. A copy of a repayment schedule as at the loan agreement’s conclusion date