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Contact us

0700 16 166

On the territory of Bulgaria

International number
+359 700 16 166

International line

Health care
0700 11 555

Health line

Offices and centers

Offices and centers

Damage help

In case of health problem

Upon a claim under  Roadside Assistance Insurance

Upon a claim under Roadside Assistance Insurance

Claim Notification

You can file a claim request via:

Via the Contact Center - by calling:

0700 16 166

Submitting a Claim Notification online.

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By visiting the nearest office:

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Claim Instructions

  1. Inform us immediately at the telephone number, stated in the insurance policy.
  2. Provide the Assisting Company with information about: registration plate number, vehicle make and model, exact location of the event, direction of movement, telephone number for feedback purposes, your insurance policy number.
  3. Wait for the arrival of the roadside assistance vehicle of the Assisting Company in immediate proximity to your immobilized vehicle and ensure access to it within 10 minutes of the Assisting Company’s arrival.
  4. Upon occurrence of a road accident on the Republic of Bulgaria’s territory, inform the Traffic Control Authorities, wait for their arrival at the place of the accident and demand, as well as cooperate for ascertainment of the accident-related facts and circumstances, through a Traffic Accident Report or a Statement of Traffic Accident Findings, except in cases when you urgently need medical care or upon some other exigent reason.