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0700 16 166

On the territory of Bulgaria

International number
+359 700 16 166

International line

Health care
0700 11 555

Health line

Offices and centers

Offices and centers

Damage help

In case of health problem

Upon a claim under  CASCO+ insurance

Upon a claim under CASCO+ insurance

File your claim and wait for the insurance company to contact you for assistance

Claim Notification

You can file a claim request via:

The Contact Centre – at:

0700 16 166

Online Claim Notification

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By visiting the nearest office:

Find a DZI office

Within 7 (seven) days of becoming aware, while upon theft and robbery within 24 (twenty four) hours

Claim Instructions

In case of damage occurred on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

  1. Immediately upon occurrence or becoming aware of an insured event’s occurrence you should inform the competent authorities (Traffic Police, Fire Safety and Protection of Population Service, Ministry of Interior or other authorities, as stated in the regulations)
  2. Provide full and accurate data about your bank account, to which payments on the part of the Insurer should be made, unless you claim in-kind damage recovery
  3. Initiate the necessary actions for damage containment and follow the instructions of the Insurer
  4. You should not change the condition of the damaged vehicle without the written consent of the Insurer
  5. Provide the Insurer with access to the damaged vehicle for inspection purposes
  6. Present to the Insurer in writing any requested information, data, documents and other evidence, directly related to the ascertainment of the event and the amount of the damage


Casco abroad

We provide insurance protection coverage for you and your vehicle on territory of Republic of Bulgaria and foreign countries – EU member countries and National Bureaux.

In case of abroad driving accident it is necessary to contact us at tel. +359 700 16 166 or on emali : clients@dzi.bg and given instructions must be followed.

In case of an emergency repair needs for safely traveling to territory of Republic of Bulgaria, coverage limit is up to 10% of liability cover by policy.

The compensation for remaining unrepaired damages of the vehicle after transporting it to Republic of Bulgaria is settled by insurance policy terms and conditions.

If insurance policy is contracted by meaning of special terms and conditions agreement “Repairing in foreign country” compensation for all partial damages of the vehicle can be done on territory of the country where the insurance event happened.

Needed Documents

Upon an event at a parking lot:

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate
  2. Identity Document / Driving Licence / of the person, filing the claim

Upon a road accident with another vehicle:

Upon self-induced crash / maneuverer / damage, occurred during movement:

Upon damage on tyres and wheel rims, resulting from damaged, ill-maintained road surface:

Upon malicious acts:

Natural disasters: