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Healthcare without Borders is the new name of DZI Best Doctors medical insurance

25 януари 2021

Healthcare without Borders is the new name of DZI Best Doctors medical insurance

We would like to inform you that the name of the DZI product Best Doctors has been changed, with effect from 01 February 2021, to Healthcare without Borders, due to the purchase of Best Doctors Inc by Teladoc.


However, DZI will continue working with Further company /the new name of BDUI Underwriting International SLU/, which renders the second medical opinion and treatment abroad service.


DZI partners within Further company continue their contractual relations with Teladoc, thus preserving the quality of the second medical opinion and the medical concierge services, linked to making arrangements for treatment abroad, presently being provided to DZI clients.


All negotiated limits and coverage options for DZI clients remain unchanged. The premium also remains unchanged and the same. In case of an occurred illness, the services and the related support, delivered by DZI, also remain as until now, whilst any further treatment arrangement are being made by Further.


The network of healthcare establishments, used by Further in making the treatment arrangements, remains the same, as is valid for the global network of healthcare practitioners, accessible by now. Certainly, DZI clients will continue benefiting from premium medical services.

Healthcare without Borders medical insurance provides DZI clients with:

  • A second medical opinion;
  • Coverage of costs for treatment abroad up to EUR 2 million;
  • Access to first-class healthcare establishments abroad;
  • Top-level treatment and healthcare services;
  • Full-scale trip arrangements and coverage of the accompanying person’s costs.


For more details on the product click here, or visit an office of DZI and partners, or dial 0700 16 166.



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