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DZI with a pilot project for Medical Concierge in VITA Medical Centre

16 февруари 2024

We are pleased to inform you that from 01.02.2024 we launched a pilot project to provide a Medical Concierge Service in the two locations of the Diagnostic-Consultative Center (DCC) Vita in Sofia.

What is a "Medical Concierge"?

The Medical Concierge is a senior reception staff member who welcomes and assists the clients of DZI who have visited the particular medical facility. This additional service is only available to DZI customers at DCC Vita. The Concierge can significantly differentiate us from the competition and we believe it will benefit policyholders in high-traffic medical centers. Our aspiration is thus to create added value for both the insurer and the medical facility.

What does this mean for the customer?

When a customer visits DCC Vita, he/she only needs to ask for Information about the DZI Concierge. Customers will be greeted and assisted during their visit to the healthcare facility, with the Concierge assisting with:
•       Information about the medical specialists
•       Booking of appointments for examinations;
•       Coordination with assigned post-examination tests, including highly-specialized tests;
•       Referral to specialists' offices;
•       Assistance in case of need for coordination with the Health Contact Centre of DZI.
The insured can contact the Concierge at any time during their stay in the medical facility..

How does the customer receive the service?

All customers who contact DZI to book an appointment for an examination at the DCC Vita - regardless of whether they make their request through the SuperDoc page, by calling the Health Contact Centre at 0700 11 555 or through the Health Portal - will receive instructions to ask for the DZI concierge at DCC Vita. Directions will be provided by phone or SMS.  

Where is DCC Vita located?

You can find more information about DCC Vita in Sofia at  https://vita.bg/, as well as at the following addresses:
•       DCC Vitaа Base 1: 9 Dragovitza Street, 02/960 49 50, as well as
•       DCC Vita Base 2: 10 Filip Kutev Street, 02/45 22 000.
We believe that the project will distinguish DZI in customer service and will support our strategy of being First..

The Medical and Life Insurance Claims Management team is available to answer any questions.

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