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DZI launched the first of its kind virtual museum of the Bulgarian insurance history

01 октомври 2020

DZI launched a virtual museum, storing exhibits from the history of insurance in Bulgaria. The first of its kind virtual museum “opened doors” on the Insurer’s Day. It assembles the heritage of Bulgarian insurance running for over 100 years of history and anyone interested may take a virtual tour at: https://www.dzi.bg/en/museum.


„DZI’s virtual museum manifests our exceptional responsibility to society as it encompasses the entire history of insurance in Bulgaria – from the beginning of last century to the present day.  This is a heritage that we like to share with everyone. This is what the important role of DZI’s virtual museum is all about – to preserve traditions and to pass them on to future generations. I am happy that now anyone may tap onto exhibits of unique historical value“ - stated Kosta Cholakov, MB Chairman and CEO of DZI.


The virtual museum of DZI comprises photos of 399 exhibits from DZI’s physical museum, opened in 2016 at DZI’s Claims Handling Center in Orlandovtsi Residential District in Sofia on the occasion of the company’s 70th anniversary.  Website users may find papers, policies, objects and brochures presenting Bulgarian insurance history over 3 epochs – the Kingdom of Bulgaria, People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the contemporary post-1989 period of the Republic of Bulgaria. Fully accessible to the general public are also documents, depicting both DZI’s history since its foundation in 1946 and the development of the Bulgarian insurance business from the end of 19th till the beginning of 20th century.  Specimens displayed show that immediately after Bulgaria’ Liberation, financial services commenced a rapid growth, with life insurance emerging as early as the 80-ties of 19th century in parallel with agricultural and transport insurance.   


During the virtual museum’s official launch, Mr. Cholakov shared some curious facts about the Bulgarian insurance history. The first insurance policy, offered since 1891, had a Fire Risk coverage, while automobile insurance policies were introduced in 1925. By 1943, two of every five Bulgarians had a Life Insurance, while today only 6 out of 100 Bulgarians have a unit-linked Life Insurance and only one out of five – a Life Risk Insurance, mainly as part of consumer and mortgage loans.


For those most curious to learn, DZI offers an opportunity for requesting to see the exhibits physically through the virtual museum’s web page by using the “Request a Visit” button and filling in a contact form. Additionally, the DZI team will provide you with more details about the working hours and physical visit options at the DZI museum in Sofia, as well as access to archived exhibits contents.

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