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DZI receives the Y2021 prize in Insurer of the Year - Life Insurance Category

20 май 2022

DZI has won the top prize in Insurer of the Year - Life Insurance category for 2021 at the most prestigious annual awards in Bulgaria’s insurance and pension assurance sector, which are being organized for a 14-th consecutive time.

An expert jury, comprising: representatives of the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship (VUZF), the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABI), the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Insurance Companies (BASPIC), the Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski Foundation and the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BAIB), have distinguished the best companies, based on pre-defined objective criteria and indicators.

This year’s Insurer of the Year, Pension-assurance Company of the Year, Insurance Broker of the Year prize-awarding ceremony for 2021 was held at Marinela Hotel in Sofia city, where winners received original art statuettes of Nike Goddess, as well as diplomas.

„Undoubtedly the consecutive Insurer of the Year award in the Life Insurance category is a recognition for the employees of DZI, UBB and the intermediaries, engaged with the sale of unit-linked life insurance policies. They are incessantly doing their best to develop and improve innovative services and products in order to match consumers’ ever-changing needs. I am also grateful to clients, who have been supporting us through all those years with their loyalty and unfailing trust. It is exactly clients that inspire and motivate us to handle challenges in the insurance sector in a brilliant way.“, commented Kosta Cholakov, Chief Executive Officer of DZI upon receiving the prize.

Insurer of the Year is the highest prize in the industry, which is being awarded, based on nominations and a decision of an expert jury. The award in the Life Insurance category is yet another evidence of DZI’s successful approach of offering effective comprehensive service and high quality products, in alignment with the constantly evolving client needs.

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